Foreign Body Holding Forceps

Foreign Body Holding Forceps
Foreign Body Holding Forceps
Product Description

Foreign Body Holding Forceps :

  • A Shark Tooth Forcep.
  • Alligator Forcep.

Features :

  • Used to Retrive Foreign Body from G.I. Tract.
  • Can be used with ERCP Scope to Retrive Stent. (Shark Tooth Forcep Only).
  • Supplied Non Sterile and it is Reusable.
  • Specially Produced outer Sheath for easy Elavation Through Elivator. (Shark Tooth Forcep Only).
  • Firm Grip & Easy Moment.

Range of Foreign Body Holder :

  • 2 Prong, 3 Prong, Retrival Basket,
  • Snare, Shark Tooth Forcep, Alligator Forcep,
  • Monofilament Memory Basket, Loop Basket.

Product Name

Required Channel

Jaws Specifications

Working Length

Shark Tooth Forcep

2.8 mm

Rat Tooth Jaws

230 cm

Alligator Forcep

2.8 mm

Alligator Forcep

170 cm

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