Zenquat Citrus

Zenquat Citrus
Zenquat Citrus
Product Description
Zenquat citrus

* Aldehyde free *Amber coloured citrus fragarance *Optimized residue characteristics *Contains in built cleanser for perfect cleaning. Combines powerful disinfectant properties of 5'h generation quaternary ammonium compound with that of non ionic surfactant to give a perfect disinfectant cleanser. Suitable for all types of surfaces. This product is an effective disinfectant/sanitizer/*virucide to be used In health care sector. Effectively removes soils from surfaces, even in hard water up to 250 ppm hardness as cac03. It is a soil emulsifiers, wetting agent, citrus solvent dispersing agent, detergent builder and Sequestrate assure good cleaning functions. Zenquat citrus combines the effectiveness of a 5th generation quat with the solvency of citrus oil to make a highly efficacious disinfectant cleaner. This synergistic blend not only provides an improved product performance over comparable formulations it also provides a natural citrus fragrance. Designed for the health care industry this product has proven performance against the very difficult to kill aspergillus fumigatus.

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