Ultrasound Doppler Micro Doppler

Ultrasound Doppler Micro Doppler

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Ultrasound Doppler (Micro Doppler)


Housed In Moulded Abs Cabinet. Ultrasound Frequency 2 Mhz. Solid State.

  • LENGTH : 155MM
  • DEPTH : 78MM
  • HEIGHT : 42MM
  • WEIGHT : 380GMS
PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION : A very low intensity of ultrasound frequency between 2 Mhz to 8 Mhz is trasmitted in to body from the probe of the instrument. This signal is reflected back from the moving organs like fetal heart and blood particles. This signal is received from the probe and amplified. There is change the frequency of received signal due to movement of fetal heart and blood particles. This signal is processed electronically to get audio signal through earphone speaker.    


1.Detection of early pregnancy and multiple pregnancy.
2.Detects foetel heart at 10-12 weeks.
3.Routine monitoring of foetal health
4.Localization of placenta
5.Under possibilities of missed abroption.
6.Precautionary check-ups.
7.Evaluates pregnancy vs abdominal masses.


Handy & small size convenient for visiting mains & battery operated (9V DC eveready 216 type)